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and international investments

What are we doing?


We regulate brokerage companies in the financial market at all stages of their activities: from license issuance to liquidation.


We monitor and control the quality of the services they offer, revoke licenses with imposing penalties on unscrupulous companies, and also help to receive cash payments to their clients.


European Union
CIS countries

Dismantled more than 6,000,000 claims

We control over 80 companies

If you have been deceived by one of the listed brokers, please let us know and your application will be accepted and processed within 24 hours

Can I get my funds back

on my own?


solution 1

You can choose a lawyer or independently submit an application for a refund to the bank or to the Financial Brokerage Regulator.

>Problem 1

The bank is not very interested in returning the money, because your money was not stolen from the card. You yourself deposited them and opened deals on the trading platform with your own hands.


solution 2

According to the law of many countries, you can appeal any payment within 24 hours and you must return it. Also within a month you can send a claim to the bank for this.

>Problem 2

If the payment deadline is more than 540 days, then you can hardly do anything on your own. However, if your payment is still being processed, or 2 years have already passed, there is an opportunity to return the money, especially if it is a large amount, everything is individual here and you need to work with your situation correctly.

Refund in 2 steps

How do I start
a refund procedure?


Leave a request on the website indicating your contact information, as well as a broker, who is performing his duties in bad faith.


Transfer to a specialist as evidence of fraud:

> Contract concluded with the company

> Statement of transfer transactions to a brokerage account

> Withdrawal requests and notification of its rejection

> Screenshots of correspondence 

> Conversation recordings

*It is also imperative to provide a consent form for the transfer of personal data.

We return funds on an individual basis if:

Best brokerage

Union of Financial
Regulatory Companies

ECB & Cryptocurrency Markets

The central oversight body for the European financial services market, which also carries out the regulatory activities of crypto exchanges and crypto brokers. We have been working since 2011.

Financial Conduct Authority

The central supervisory authority for the UK financial services market prior to the reform of the UK financial market supervisors.

Financial Market Supervision in Austria

The Austrian regulator FMA was created in 2002 in order to regulate the activities of the country's financial sector. The powers of the regulator also include verification of compliance with the rules and regulations by all controlled financial structures.

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